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Contact us

Please let us know if you'd like to find out more about church services,

events or hall bookings:

St John’s Church, St John’s Vale, London SE8 4EA

church office 020 8692 2857

Pastor: Rev Chris Hanning

chris.stjohnsdeptford@gmail.com - 07360 048092

Hall booking enquiries to Tamsin bookings@sjht.org.uk

Ordinand: Georgia Ashwell

07851544443 - georgia.stjohnsdeptford@gmail.com


For Holy Trinity church and Church of The Ascension Blackheath contact

Team Vicar: Rev Anne Bennett

020 86917364 – btavicar@gmail.com

Team Curate: Rev Linidwe Maseko

07817283818 - lindiwe.stjohnsdeptford@gmail.com