Exodus 35-40 The Tabernacle

Published by Peter Farley-Moore on Fri, 23 Mar 2018 11:34
Sermon Series

God…. has tabernacled with us and calls everyone to get on board; he is looking for willing hearts so that his glory will be revealed in the world

The Tabernacle was a collective effort - everyone in the Israelite camp contributed their skills, time and talents to this project. What is more, their hearts were willing to give generously. We’ve seen a lot of willingness in the Bible story so far

 - Noah willing to build and ark

- Abraham willing to leave his country

- Sarah willing to bear a child in old age

- Joseph willing to forgive

- Moses willing to go to confront Egypt

- Aaron, his brother, willing to go with him as spokesman

- now everyone is willing to give to the building of the Tabernacle - the place where they would meet with God.

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